Selous National Park, Tanzania.

The graphic nature and distinct shape of a palm tree always lends itself to silhouettes. I have shamelessly taken advantage of this imperfect line of palm trees, over exposing to lose details in the sky and the river, in order to leave the simple shapes and lines as the dominant factor.


Sometimes it doesnt matter what camera you have, as long as you have one on you. On this occasion I only had my phone to capture this scene – a Tanzanian boy fishing for eels in the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean. Seconds later the light had gone, and the incredible gold reflections turned to black.

This image is available as an open edition, 25cm x 25cm, unframed at £65 excl. VAT.


The Cape of Good Hope. One of those places I never thought I would get to, and yet last week I was there. It is a powerful place, the waves are 20 feet high, and the spray they create when they slam into the rocks hangs in the air permanently. The waves just breaking in this image are about 15 feet, and though they look tame the sound they create is something I have not experienced before.

Certainly a place I will be returning to.



Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, at dawn. Although I tend to work in Black & White, the soft colours and painterly nature of the light pushed me to leave this as it really was. Within a few minutes the image was gone, clouds having rapidly risen to block the view for the rest of the day.

Enjoy it, and good luck should you ever climb it.

Stone Town

Dawn in Stone Town, with child.


Last month I talked about partner images but I have also been working on larger projects. One of these was a set of 22 images based on the simple play of shadows and light on the island of Panarea in Sicily.  Investing time into these projects is probably one of the most satisfying aspects of photography, and I hope the series do justice to a fabulous island.

Click here to view the full set of this series.


Recently a number of interior design clients have been asking me for ‘partner images’ – images that look good alone, but look that much better when partnered with another.

This image of the old post office tower was shot on a cold windy afternoon, in order to sit with an image of St Pauls I shot in 2012.  This style of Black & White photography is a departure for me, but one I think could work as part of a larger set.

I hope this rather unattractive tower in real life has been transformed into something far more satisfying to the eye on print.

As with the last image of the month, there are unsigned and unnumbered editions available at £195 + VAT.


Sometimes the most unlikely situations can throw up an image that works.  These tin painted bikes hanging on a wall seemed to tell their own story.  Simple, but in my mind extremely effective.

10 limited edition prints are available, measuring 100cm x 100cm.  There are also unsigned and unnumbered editions available at £195 + VAT.

Although not exactly a festive based card, I would like to wish you a merry christmas, and look forward to sharing more of my images with you in 2013.


On a recent trip to the Ile de Re, I spent some time watching the sea and sky battering the harbours of this sand island. At St Martin de Re I was fortunate to get the perfect conditions for long exposure photography – effectively exposing the sea and sky to capture their movement.  The solid structures in such an image dont move, and only the elements around them become blurred.

This image can be printed to any size up to a maximum of 100cm x 100cm.  I hope it appeals to you, thank you for your interest,


This image was shot when the weather was a little more reliable than it has been of late, in order to allow for the strong contrast of plane trails.  Blue sky is very happy to be converted to Black and White.  Contrary to initial reactions, this was not a dangerous afternoon above London, but rather a series of images I have layered together to create a sense of design and space. I hope it is an image that works for you.

The full sized framed image measures 160cm x 120cm, and is printed on fine art heavyweight paper and framed in a matt black Oak finish.