Image of the Month – March 2017

Rhino close up

Female Rhino, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Although I am not a wildife photographer, I admit to feeling very pleased with this image. Not only for coming across this mother, who was with her calf, but also for capturing her just when the light was at its very best.  A moment later the sun had gone behind a cloud, the light had gone, and the Rhino had wondered off to better pastures.

It seems virtually inevitable that the rhinoceros, this dinosaur of our time, will be extinct within our lifetime – but any help is crucial.  As such I am selling an open edition of this image for £95 – all proceeds will go directly to the charities fighting to save the Rhino.

The image is 50 cm x 30cm and is a giclee print on heavy matt fine art paper.